About Me

Hi.  My name is Robin and I have crafting A.D.D.   It's not uncommon for me to have too many projects going at one time.   I DO finish a lot of them though, so I guess that's good.

I've been married to Batman for 26 never-dull years and we have two great kids  (one of whom is already finished with a year of college - whether I'm ready for that or not).

I've Home Educated my kids for most of their lives.   I'm definitely not the type of person  to lock down and say, "This is what we'll always do."  In fact I've yet to meet anyone who is living well with that kind of mindset.   If a change of direction is needed then let's change direction and be flexible.

 One of my goals in life is to encourage people to truly live.   Don't just exist.  Live.
 What does living look like?   It might look like rock climbing for you.   For me it looks like finding little ways to enjoy being home.   Good home cooked food.  Homemade pillows on the sofa.   Flowers in the yard.  Loose tea steeping in my favorite cup.   Fresh sprouts on my turkey sandwich.   Sewing something cute now and then.   Watching movies with my family in the evenings.   Talking over the back fence with my best good friends next door.   Feeding my four hens (still getting used to this one) and enjoying their antics.   and much more.

So welcome!